• 5 inches
    Face Recognition Solution ( All in one )
    5" and 7" screens are available
    Model No(5"): TL/AF3655SR
    Model No(7"): TL/AF3677SR

    • Temperature detection
    • Face & Mask detection
    • Attendance & access control (Optional)

    • Integration of face capture(can support mask recognition), comparison function, and infrared temperature measurement function.
    • Select-able temperature detection range is 34-42 ℃ (error range ±0.2°C)
    • Temperature anomaly alarm: non-contact forehead temperature detection within one second, detection distance 25-45cm, abnormal temperature detected will trigger an alarm.
    • Support live face detection, effective prevention of photos and video spoofing.
    • Face database can reach up to 10,000pcs, flexible face template import, support single or batch image file import and real-time capture import.
    • Support recognise result I/O linkage, WIEGAND port output, and voice broadcast.
    • Can be widely used in access control channels, and as a wall-mounting attendance taking device.

  • Thermal imaging temperature measurement solution
    Model No: TL/SF5069ER

    • Thermal imaging + visible light two in one camera.
    • Thermal imaging body temperature measurement, accuracy up to 0.3℃ (with black body).
    • real-time temperature measurement, multi-objective synchronous automatic measurement.
    • intelligent over-temperature alarm, rapid screening and tracking of temperature anomalies.
    • resolution up to 2M (1920x1080@30fps).
    • support low bit rate, low latency, ROI area of interest enhanced coding.
    • support multi-line OSD, font, size, color, position adjustable.
    • support 3D digital noise reduction and WDR.
    • support automatic electronic shutter function, adapt to different monitoring environment.
    • support a variety of intelligent alarm linkage output.
    • support Onvif access.
    • support Email, FTP and NTP services.
    • supports HTTPS encrypted transport.
    • change the password when starting the initial equipment to ensure the security of the password.
    • support 2-way alarm input / 1-way alarm output.
    • support Micro SD card (128G) local storage.
    • support PoE power supply.